Resource Management

With Easy Project Resource Management, you can identify user expertise, make sure that all workers are optimally loaded, and guarantee that all resources are utilized efficiently. Thanks to its integration with Easy Gantt and attendance management, assignment of tasks are performed on a defined timeline, and vacations are taken into account.

Resource Management Master Plan

Efficient utilization of resources across all projects and an instant overview of under-resourced projects are easy with the Resource Master Plan. Tasks can be assigned according to employee expertise while keeping each person’s workload balanced.

Easy Project – Resource Management Master Plan

Competency Management

Using Competency Management, you can identify the full capabilities of your company, determine the competencies of your workers, and consequently effectively utilize available competencies by giving clearly granulated projects and setting project plans.

Easy Project – Competency Management

Attendance Dashboard

This dashboard gives you a snapshot of when your employees and/or colleagues are present at your business office, home office, have break or are absent. It allows you to easily create custom reports for the Finance office’s budgeting needs.

Easy Project – Attendance Dashboard


With Scheduler, you can plan and assign tasks for yourself or for other users directly on your calendar. You will immediately find out when a user is busy with other scheduled events such as meetings, business activities or other assigned tasks. It also shows the attendance of users, making it impossible to plan assignments during their absence.

Easy Project – Scheduler

Attendance Management for vacation approval requests

Efficient time utilization can be jeopardized by employees' irregular attendance. With the Attendance Management system, workers can log and plan their attendance, and managers can access the attendance plans and statistics of all users.

Easy Project – Attendance Management for vacation approval requests

Resource Dashboard

The Resource Dashboard shows you the most/least loaded users, task types with the most hours allocated, and diagrams with visualized workers' time utilization. You also get an overview of the total hours allocated and control over any discrepancies in allocation.

Easy Project – Resource Dashboard

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