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Webinar Recording: How to Get Resource Management to the Maximum (German)

2 minutes
Alexander Stöger

Resource Management is a key extension of Easy Project 2019. Easily assign tasks to users, get an overview of workload across all users and projects and manage users' workload for optimal utilization of their competencies.

It is a tool for professional planning and assignment of work in Easy Project. Managers plan work on projects with regard to real-time capacities of workers and estimated time for task realization.

Resource management allows managers to balance the workload of the people while keeping schedules of the projects. You can easily look how are your people utilized in the future - whether and when they are overloaded or when they are available for unassigned tasks. Resource management is fully compliant with IPMA & PMI Project Management methodology standards.

Resource Management - Easy Project 2019

Key features:

  • Displays tasks of the workers in time with their total workload
  • Daily/weekly/monthly view of planned workload compared to the capacities
  • Task updates and assignment using a drag & drop feature
  • Integration with attendance – planned vacations, holidays are taken into account in workers' capacities
  • Integration with meeting calendar – planned meetings are taken into account in workers' capacities
  • Competence planning by teams and trackers

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