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What’s New in Agile Board 2017

2 minutes
Lukáš Beňa

Along with the release of Easy Project v2016.05, Agile Board plugin has been considerably enhanced. Let's see what's new in the plugin.

The plugin was extended with new amazing functions, such as Kanban view on any set of tasks, context menu on cards in Kanban and Scrum boards, dragging and editing multiple tasks at once, more swimlane types, and some more.

New key features:

  • Agile Board enhanced - The former project module Agile board has been renamed to Scrum board - better referring to its abilities. However, more imperatively its settings have changed - it's not possible to show selected sprint in your personal dashboard, you can only choose the project. Scrum framework does not enable having multiple open sprints on one project in the personal dashboard and therefore it was removed, this option was pointless.

  • New module Kanban - In the event that you utilized endless sprints for some of your consistent work, you can now change to the recently included module Kanban board. Kanban is precise to manage nonstop work, it was there before Scrum came and presented sprints.

  • More swimlane types - Unlike the previous version in which solely swimlanes classified per assignees were doable, now you are able to group tasks per a lot of other attributes, such as parent task, assignee, priority, tracker, author, and milestone.

  • Multi-select and moving with tasks inside Scrum/Kanban board - Newly it's feasible to choose, move and update even two or more tasks at once just by pressing SHIFT/CTRL key + left mouse button to choose any tasks you want to edit. Then do a drag and drop operation or select a command from the context menu.

  • Context menu in Scrum/Kanban - Click the right mouse button on any task within the sprint and choose the specified command from the menu.

  • The native field for story points in Scrum board - No requirement to make a custom field for it.

  • Customizable cards - Set what information you need to look at in tasks in Scrum/Kanban.

  • Kanban view (output) for any entities - Show random query in ad-hoc Kanban (maximum 100 items in such a view)

  • Overall UX improvement

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