Action buttons

action buttons

How to use action buttons

The video tutorial

To use action buttons, you need to have the necessary permission or be an administrator who gets this permission instantly. It has to be set in Roles and permissions for individual user roles.

Manage action buttons means you can create them and edit them, Execute action buttons means you can click on them. If you have the permission, you can access them from Administration. By clicking on it, you will land on a page, where all the buttons will be listed, to create a new button click on the upper right button.

Create the button

  • Choose entity type
    • There are two types, CRM and task

  • Choose color

  • Define filters 

With this you will define where will this particular button appear.

Action buttons support only the following CRM/task custom fields to be added as a filter:

  • Amount
  • Autoincrement
  • Boolean
  • Choose country
  • E-mail
  • Float
  • Integer
  • Link
  • List
  • Lookup
  • Text

All the listed custom fields must be set as "Used as a filter" to be available for adding into action buttons (see below).

  • Add action

This defines what will the button actually do.


I want this button to appear by every issue where Done status is Any

I want the button to change the Assignee to Me, when I click on it, and this is how it looks when set. You can see the button within this task.

Now, there are two ways this can go, if you didn´t choose the silent mode(see above)  the button will lead you on this page.

Everything will be prefilled according to your button setting, and you are able to edit few things.

If you choose the silent mode, it will change everything according to the button settings just like that.

IMPORTANT: The action buttons are defying workflow and validations

If someone has a forbidden permission, he will be able to use the button if this forbidden permission is set there. 

Make sure you are enabling the buttons according to workers workflow.

If the action button is adding a task to a sprint, it will add it even if the sprint is not available for the project where the task is located.

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