Color schemes

How to set up color visualization of tasks

To set up a color scheme, go to task tracking settings in Administration » Settings » Task tracking. You can choose from three different options of using a scheme. You cannot use them together, choose only one.

When applying a color scheme for text, keep in mind that not all the text of a relevant line (item) in the list will change the color. In fact, it only affects clickable text, i.e. the one which includes a link, such as a task's subject, project name etc. On the other hand, statuses, activities, dates etc. are not a kind of clickable text so their color remains unchanged (black) as illustrated below.

Scheme by task priority

the color of tasks will change with task priority. You can set the color of each priority in Administration » Categories » Task priorities. Each priority can have its own color so you can easily recognize which task can wait and which has to be done immediately.

Scheme by task status

The colors of tasks will change according to the status they are in. You can assign a color to each task status in Administration » Task statuses. Each status can have its own color, with this you will be able to recognize in what status are your current tasks.

Scheme by task type

The colors of the task will change according to the task type they are under. Task type colors can be set in task type settings in Administration » Task types, each task type can have a different color. With this, you will be able to recognize what types your tasks are currently in.

The color settings itself looks always the same. At the bottom of each status, task types's or priority's settings you will find the colors to choose from. You can also see how is the color scheme currently shown.

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