FAQ of Corner situations

What is a corner situation?

Corner situation describes behaviour in Easy Project that results from a specific set of circumstances in an unexpected way. While it may seem as a bug, there are, in fact, relevant reasons why these can't be changed...

Why can't a corner situation be "fixed"?

Every found bug, whether by internal testing, or reported by a user is thoroughly analyzed. Most of them (approx. 98 %) have a straight forward way of fixing. In the remaining few, the cost of fix is disproportionately higher than its effect.

While the effect of the fix may only solve an issue concerning a small number of users in specific use cases (that have a workaround). The "cost" is meant in the broader sense:

  • high risk of destabilizing crucial functionality
  • neccessity to rewrite large chunks of code
  • removing/changing of well-known functionality

What to do when I find a corner situation?

Whenever you have a suspicion of a bug, don't hesitate to report it to support. If the issue is qualified as corner situation, our support team will provide you as close a workaround as possible to the goal you wish to achieve.

Some may be fixed after all.

We are continuously working on new useful features and optimizations. With some larger planned refactorings of selected functionality, some of the corner situations may dissappear.

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