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Hardware requirements
Software requirements
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Easy Project is a complex web application with a number of technical dependencies that allow it to run smoothly. There are vast operating systems, database servers, utilities, etc. In order to achieve optimal performance and functioning overall we handpicked a specific set of supported components.

If you are using or are interested in Cloud solution, this article is not too relevant for you.


Hardware requirements

Minimum hardware requirements

These specifications are for 25 concurrent users with average requests per second frequency.

Processor Intel Xeon E5440 @ 2.83GHz
Memory 4 GB
Disk space ~ 20 GB (3 GB for database files + enough for attachments)
Other Network card is required


Server requirements for larger implementations

This table is a simplified summary of higher usage levels of the server solution.

Users Threads / vCPU RAM HDD
50 8 12GB 40GB
100 12 32GB 60GB
200 24 64GB 200GB
500 24 128GB 500GB







Values in the table are not strictly given and the whole configuration depends on the extent and significance of the use of Easy Project in the company. As well as on the frequency of user access and requests sent to the server.


Internet connection requirements

The connection from the user to the server where Easy Project is located must be at least 10 Mbit. You need to take into account the whole route from the user to the server, so with geographically distant locations, the response of the server may take a longer time, regardless of the user's declared internet connection from their provider. The bandwidth of the server is also a factor, of course.


Software requirements

In order to develop quality software that can be installed on your own server and, at the same time, guarantee its stability and proper functioning, it is necessary to use an environment with which it works best and on which it is regularly tested.

Software requirements COMPONENT LTS (V10) LTS (V11) CURRENT (V12)
OS Debian (amd64)
10/11 10/11 10/11
Programming language Ruby 2.6.3 2.7.x 3.1.2
Application server Puma      
Web server Nginx      
Database server MySQL/Percona
(Maria) not supported
Only Percona 8.x
(Maria) not supported
Other requirements Bundler 2.1.x 2.2+ 2.3.7+
Other requirements Redis 5.x 5.x 5.x
Other requirements NodeJS 14.16
14.16 18.8


Supported web browsers (client)

Other browsers are not tested. Internet Explorer is not supported. For stability and security reasons, always keep your browser up to date.

Supported operating systems (client)

It goes without saying that using current versions of web browsers require current/supported operating systems on the computer or mobile device. The general rule is that the two latest operating systems versions are supported. It can be applied for Windows, MacOS, Linux distributions and mobile systems.


Virtual machine (VM)

The easiest way of server deployment. We generate the VM (on-demand), you just run it => practically nothing to install.

We recommend your first installation to be in form of a virtual machine (.ova image). It contains already installed Easy Project with all related components in supported versions. Naturally, as you gradually install application updates, you may need to also update some dependencies. The smaller updates are mostly seamless.

If you have an older VM with an older Easy Project version, you may have passed a threshold where it is better to upgrade via migrating onto a new VM. With any such doubts, contact our support. Please provide as much information about your current environment.



We know of companies that stabily run Easy Project on Docker. However, they do so without any technical support from our side and are fully liable for any issues that may occur.

We are, however, testing dockerization of Easy Project and are preparing official support of this popular technology.

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