Release notes for version: 10.1.x

Please read before upgrading to platform version 10.1.

Recommended Ruby version: 2.6.5
Reminder for upcoming Ruby 2.3 deprecation here.


Project from template - date shifts

Load groups opened - hidden

Paste picture from clipboard - generate URL

Project from template - date shifts

The logic behind project creation from template has changed. It is more predictable, but there are some rules to remember.

Firstly, you will see the date shift information before creating the project. This will alert you in case there is an unexpectedly large shift.

Furthermore, the back end of creating projects from template has been simplified. While previously, if the template has invalid relations between tasks or other inconsistent data, the new project that was created from the template tried to fix these issues. That would sometimes result in incorrect/unpredictable shift in dates in the new project. What is done from version 10.1 is that the new project does a raw shift of dates according to difference of new start date and start date of the template. As a result, the new project has the exact same task flow, including relations, just shifted by the date differential.

Finally, there were issues if the template has subprojects and you are creating a whole project structure from this template = project + subprojects. It was often the case that the dates of subprojects' tasks were not shifted. A change in the logic as described above also has the correcting effect on this case - the subprojects data will also be shifted according to the start date differential.

Load groups opened - hidden

On any list, the option is only visible when grouping is selected.

Paste picture from clipboard - generate URL

Using feature Paste picture from clipboard can now generate URL to put the image to text with HTML editor.

The upper link is for textile editor (as already existed). The bottom one is for HTML editor - new feature.

33 other changes

This version contains 33 other back end changes that improve Easy Project in performance and general usability, but are not presentable in the user interface.

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