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Release notes for version: 10.11.1

Please read before upgrading to platform version 10.11.1.

XSS vulnerability in DMS

When a user with the first name „<script>alert('e')</script>” was uploading a file in DMS, there was an error message appearing.

Fixed. No error.

Multiple issues with time zones

There were multiple issues related to time zone setting, such as holiday shown wrong in the Scheduler, SLA working time did not respect time zones, summer/winter time shift in a recurring meeting, wrongly displayed meeting in Scheduler, start date and due date offset by 1 day, etc.

All issues fixed.

Saving changes in a User utilization gauge redirects the user back to the homepage

Saving changes in a User utilization gauge on the Resource dashboard page redirected the user back to the homepage, which was not expected behavior.

Fixed. After saving changes in a User utilization gauge, the user stays on the Resource dashboard page.

Unable to delete external calendars

A user was unable to delete any external calendar from his user profile if the calendar's status was set to "in progress", which meant that synchronization of that calendar should be currently running. However, that wasn't always true.

Fixed. The calendar's status is not set to "in progress" when the synchronization of that calendar is not currently running.

A WebDAV link contains a symbol, which makes the link unusable

If you added a file to the system and copied the link to WebDAV editing, it contained " : " at the end. This prevented the users from online editing unless they remove it from the link.

Fixed. No symbol added to a WebDAV link.

Help Desk: E-mail notification is not sent if the "Hours to resolve" field is empty in the SLA settings

Automatic e-mail notification for a new ticket should be sent from the Help desk according to the valid SLA settings. However, due to an error, this notification was not sent if the "Hours to resolve" field was empty in the SLA settings.

Fixed. All e-mail notifications are sent correctly.

Wrong sorting of attendance records in the attendance calendar

Attendance records of various users in the Attendance calendar were not sorted in the same way as the user list does. Problems were associated with diacritics at the beginning of users' names.

Fixed. Attendance records of various users in the attendance calendar are sorted in the same way as the user list does.

Scheduler icons are shown over names of users

Depending on users chosen in the Scheduler, there could be a visual issue where icons on the right corner were shown over the names of users.


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