Release notes for version: 10.8.x

Please read before upgrading to platform version 10.8.
Recommended Ruby version: 2.6.x

Performance optimization - Baseline created in background

Creating baselines in Gantt takes too long if the project contains many tasks and relations.

The baseline was created "live" in Gantt, which may act as frozen, and user can't continue working. In extreme cases it could also cause decrease in performance for other users.

The baseline is created in background, browser doesn't freeze, user can continue working and revisit Gantt with the ready baseline later.

  1. A flash message is shown that the baseline is being created.
  2. When the baseline is ready, user receives an email notification.

Code cleanup and backend tweaks (12 changes)

These release notes contain less changes than you may be used to. The reason is focus on small invisible changes that ultimately in a synergy improve the application's stability, usability and performance.

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