Release notes for version: 11plus.4.0

This section is important for Server solution. Cloud users need not worry about any of this.

  • OS: Debian 10 or 11 on amd64 architecture
  • Redmine: 5.0.0.easy (upgradable from Redmine 4.2.3)
  • Ruby: 2.7.x
  • Bundler: 2.2.x
  • Database: Percona/MySQL 5.7+
  • redis-server: 5+
  • NodeJS: 14.16 (LTS)

Ruby 2.6 is going to be dropped by Easy Project in the near future. We recommend upgrading to 2.7 without unnecessary delay.

Fields moved to task type settings

In the continuous effort to simplify task views, a new batch of fields is controlled in task type settings (Admin >> Task types - Edit)

Sprint and story points

You could see the fields Sprint and Story points on the task, if its project is somehow related to a sprint (sprint is directly on the project, parent project, or there is some sprint in the system which allows tasks from all projects). Especially in the latest case, every task in the application would contain fields these fields, while only a small part of them really used them.

Please be careful about the task types you use in sprints, the field Sprint needs to be enabled. Otherwise, the tasks may "mysteriously" be removed from the sprint during task update


To use repeating tasks, you must now:

  • Enable repeating tasks in Admin >> Settings >> Task tracking
  • Go to Admin >> Task types - enable Repeating on the type
  • Have permission Edit repeating setting on tasks

Start task timer right now

This option is only when creating a new task and the task type setting only control it here. The regular task timer functionality is not affected at all.

After update to version 11plus.4.0, all these aforementioned fields are enabled on all task types by default, to ensure that nothing will disappear, in case you were using it. However, we do strongly encourage administrators to review which of them are really needed and to disable those that aren't.

"Stay logged in"

Depending on a setting, you may see a new option on the login page that you haven't seen before.

This option is related to setting in Admin >> Settings >> Authentication - Autologin.

Removed dragging of tasks from list

Due to technological obsoletion and performance impact on loading of task list, dragging of tasks from list has been removed.

This includes dragging tasks into To-do list. We are looking at possible substitutes for this action that would enhance the user experience instead of limiting it. In the mean time, you can copy the task link or add #task_id into the To-do list.

We apologize if this causes you any inconvenience.

Saved filters management - entity selection

Admin >> Saved filters management. There was a list of all entities in the right sidebar. This is list was legacy and slowed down loading of the page.

The entity list was removed. Selecting entity is now via filter - Entity types.

Default color of project indicator - removed setting

Removed unnecessary setting from Admin >> Settings >> Projects

All projects will now have indicator either green, orange or red.

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