Release notes for version: 12.8.0

Technological stack

This section is important for Server solution. Cloud users need not worry about any of this.

  • OS: Debian 10 or 11 on amd64 architecture
  • Redmine: upgradable from version 5.0.5
  • Ruby: 3.1.2
  • Bundler: 2.3.7+
  • Rubygems: 3.3.x
  • Database: Percona/MySQL 8.x
  • redis-server: 5+
  • NodeJS: 18.8

If upgrading from version 11 or lower, please refer to release notes for 12.0 and other 12.x versions as well.

Image upload enhancements

There are two major improvements in uploading images to text.

New areas for image upload

Based on user feedback and significant use cases, we implemented uploading images to areas, where it was previously impossible:

  • Noticeboard module on customizable pages - for nicer information dashboards
  • Helpdesk email templates - for branded, professional and nicer outgoing emails from your Helpdesk
  • User signature - for branded and professional signatures of your Helpdesk agents in outgoing emails from Helpdesk

Image properties and text wrapping

Previously: You upload an image and save the text. When you go back to edit the text, you don't see the image anymore, you see the placeholder. Therefore, you are not able to change the image properties (e.g. size).

Now: When you edit an existing text, you will always see the actual image. Thus it becomes possible to change the image size. Newly implemented feature also allows text wrapping. You can actually drag and drop the uploaded image in the text and place it in the best position.

Example on Noticeboard module on project overview page.

Why now?

You may wonder why wouldn't such a crucial and almost standard functionality be implemented much sooner.

There is a very simple technical solution for such a feature (for our developers). This solution would bring long term headaches for the users and administrators, because the uploaded images would take up very large volumes in the database. The bigger the database, the slower overall application performance.

Our solution was much more difficult to implement, but it keeps the database leaner, thus preventing negative effects of unnecessarily bloated databases.

Automatic search submit

For the third version in a row, we are presenting an improvement for search. This one, as well, came from user feedback.

From 12.8.0, you don't have to hit Enter manually anymore. When you stop typing, search will be submitted automatically. In case autosubmit gets stuck for any reason, the Enter key is still functional.

Optimizing long text fields in lists

Changes in view of field Description or Comment in lists:

  • Spent time list - comments are shown with scrollbar
  • Project list - description and last comments are shown with scrollbar

Previously: Long text would strech the line for each record.

Now: Long text is shown with scrollbar if it would otherwise strech the line.

Removed obsolete page module

On project overview page, there still was a relict from the old days - a module called Project meetings. This was a part of the original calendar solution, which was later substituted by a newer version (read the whole story).

The page module has been removed.

You can always use the new page module under section General.

Inherit View permissions of CRM entities from subordinates

Useful feature for active users of Organizational chart and CRM.

  1. Administration >> Plugins >> Organizational chart - Configure
  2. Allow sharing access
  3. The supervisor will also get access to CRM entities (leads, opportunities, accounts and partners)


  • Sharing only applies to View permissions => managing can't be shared, it has to be explicitly enabled for the supervisor.
  • Sharing respects visibility settings of the subordinate's role.


Other changes available here.

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