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Project management in manufacturing & construction


Industrial Automation

Date of implementation:



Czech Republic

Original applications:

custom IS = ISO ABRA FlexiBee

ESONIC Inc. is a Czech company engaged in the areas of industrial automation of technological processes and production units.  In order to streamline external and internal management, the company decided to look for a software for project and process management.

Original conditions

Several tools were used in the company. The software (ISO) that was developed within the company didn’t meet all the requirements. Especially it did not cooperate sufficiently with the accounting software ABRA FlexiBee. There was also a lack of a comprehensive solution that would facilitate the management of business processes and projects.


The main requirement of the company ESONIC was a connection between the tools ISO and FlexiBee so both software would communicate effectively with each other.

Additional requirements:

  • Location on its own server (on premise)
  • Helpdesk for customer requirements
  • Attendance monitoring
  • Use of printouts

How was the process of implementation done?

Linking of Easy Project and the accounting system FlexiBee and IS ISO

It wasn’t the first case of connecting Easy Project to an existing system of a client that we dealt with (this service is offered standardly). But it was the first time that we connected the ABRA FlexiBee. If Easy Project is connected with corresponding software for the first time then it leads to the creation of a standardized procedure. This process serves as a "best practice" in linking the same system for other clients.

Communication between software tools is via XML, and REST API which enables real-time synchronization.

Easy Project has a comprehensive program interface and can be easily connected to all systems that allow communication via API.
REST API allows the following operations: reading, creating, editing, deleting. Documentation of Easy Swagger (Easy Project API) is here.

The program interface allows operations with the following entities:

  • Tasks
  • Projects
  • Project Templates
  • Time record
  • Users
  • User groups
  • Costs and revenues of the project (planned and actual)
  • Attendance
  • Contacts
  • Business cases (CRM)

After Easy Project implementation

By linking the Easy Project software to ESONIC, they can monitor all financial transactions that pass through the FlexiBee system. Thanks to the REST API the required information will also get to the ISO information system. By connecting previously used systems, Easy Project increased process efficiency and improved company operations.

Used plug-ins

  • Printouts
  • Project management Integration into accounting and ERP - connecting accounting via REST API
  • Help Desk
  • Attendance
  • Calculation of projects and price offers

The installation of other plug-ins was carried out in a standard way.

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