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A Few Good Things That 2020 Has Brought for Easy Software – and How Can You Benefit From It in Your Company

2 minutes
Filip Morávek

We present the most important milestones plus a bit of less important fun facts of 2020.

"No one denies that the past year had been challenging. However, writing another article about it would be just bringing sand to the beach. That's why I looked at Easy Software's 2020, my own way: through facts and figures. And well, we have, for instance, broken our record in the number of protein bars eaten. But no worries, you will also learn about more business-like successes we achieved last year and, more importantly, what benefits they bring to all users of Easy Project or Easy Redmine."

Filip Morávek
CEO & Founder, Easy Software

03/2020 – In the sign of Remote Work

We adapt quickly. We add several tools for remote working to Easy Project. This proves itself especially in the transition of many of our clients to a (partially forced) home office. On top of it, we also provide a few tips for remote project management.

Fun Fact #1:

We drank 93 kg of coffee.

That's only 0.25 kg a day.

04/2020 – We do what we can. Remotely

It can be said that the pandemic has accelerated (not only) software development in many ways. As early as April, we are introducing a new “10” version of Easy Project and Easy Redmine. It has a number of improved functions for remote team management. You may not be surprised that the most important new feature in this version is Risk Management.

How would you like 2021's project management to be? Easy.

Get all powerful tools for perfect project planning, management, and control in one software.

Fun Fact #2:

We ate 951 protein bars.

No idea if our bicepses noticed.

09/2020 – New, better, and the best

Not that we didn't do anything between April and September. Quite the opposite, actually. Both Easy Project and Easy Redmine receive new improvements, which we have made for several months. We are coming up with a new 10+ version, which brings nice UX and upgrades to key project management features. But most of all, it introduces an improved and modern Gantt Chart and the advanced Resource Management feature.

Fun Fact #3:

Out of office, we met 19 times:

teambuilding + online and offline events.

Join us the next time!

11/2020 – Us and Microsoft. And you

At the end of the year, we rank among about 5 % of Microsoft partners worldwide and become Silver partners. So we are now running on Azure and preparing integration for other Microsoft products – especially Teams and Exchange.

Bug Fact #4:

We released 34 bugfixed versions

of Easy Project and Easy Redmine.

12/2020 – Big project management survey

In order to have first-hand information, we address more than 250 project managers worldwide. We ask how their work has changed due to the corona crisis, and we turn often really unexpected results into a clear report.


"2020 has confirmed the value of the ability to adapt and anticipate. Maybe we realized a little more about the importance and power of communication. The capacity to listen to colleagues and clients, and respond to feedback has generally brought a lot of good to the business. This also applies to our flagship products, Easy Project and Easy Redmine. Ultimately, our partners can benefit most from upgrades, ideas, and improvements. And I myself am already wondering what I will write to you in a similar article at the end of 2021!"

Filip Morávek
CEO & Founder, Easy Software

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