Easy Project Joins Integromat to Deliver Countless Integration Options

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Lukáš Beňa

Easy Project is an intuitive and simple project management tool that helps track your teammates’ progress and help them visualize projects. But, the great news for project management teams is that Easy Project recently integrated with Integromat, which is another useful platform.

So, read more and find out how Easy Project and Integromat help project management teams resolve numerous challenges.

What is Easy Project?

Easy Project offers project management solutions to mid-sized and large enterprises. It offers assistance so teams can collaborate and perform other management tasks such as IT, operations, and marketing. If you want one solution to replace whiteboards, emails, and spreadsheets, Easy Project is your best bet. With Easy Project, you can keep employees accountable and manage resources in real-time. This platform can help you handle tasks that even a professional and highly trained project management coach can miss.

Other than solving managerial tasks, Easy Project also equips teams with planning tools. These tools include a project calendar, Gantt charts, and resource loading simulation. Employees can create and save project templates and use them for recurring projects. Furthermore, teams can categorize templates for different departments such as marketing, IT, and engineering.

Advantages of Easy Project

Let’s take a look at how Easy Project helps with the following essential project management tasks:

1. Task Management

Easy Project makes the task management process simpler than before. You can create new tasks, share them with your employees, and make changes. Apart from that, you can save templates for each task and use them later.

2. Project Management

This project management tool offers wide-ranging features to project management teams so they can organize their tasks. As a result, completing tasks according to the instructions becomes much easier.

3. Time Tracking

Time management is an important aspect of project management and Easy Project offers the best tools to ensure you’re on the right track towards completion. You can set deadlines and encourage employees to complete tasks on time. This results in productivity and enhances employees’ focus and skills.

4. Collaboration Tool

Easy Tasks prioritize collaborative work management tools regardless of where employees are based. This results in increased visibility, transparency, and communication within the team.

What is Integromat?

Integromat is a service provider that enables teams to integrate, optimize, and simplify business processes without shifting from one platform to another.

Let’s understand how Integromat works using an example. Suppose you receive emails from customers with essential information for a project. Now, if you use a traditional method, you will manually open the email, read it, download the files, open a CRM tool, and upload the content on a specific project. This process may look ordinary, but Integromat makes things remarkably simple. It automates the emails to your project management tool such as Easy Project and keeps you organized. Now suppose that you use Integromat, you need to link your email with the project and select the trigger. The triggers can be like whenever you open the information section of the project, the data of the email automatically appears on the project. Isn’t that a simple and efficient way to organize your emails with the projects?

There is even more to it. Integromat includes hundreds of applications that you can instantly integrate with your project management tool and perform all your tasks on a single platform. The tool saves time and simplifies complex processes. So, within minutes, all your employees can perform wide-ranging tasks with automation. As a result, you can communicate with customers, create and track new projects, plan and communicate new strategies, and even run social media advertising campaigns. Integromat connects your business with hundreds of applications, including LinkedIn, Facebook, WordPress, Plutino, Asana, Outlook, Dropbox, and GSuit.

Advantages of Integromat

1. Modularity

Integromat interface is a user-friendly platform that allows you to drag and drop different icons into the projects. You can also change the process of the project anytime so that it better aligns with the current status.


You can also integrate tools that offer data protection and security. DSGVO is a European company that offers maximum security to the project management teams.

3. Possibilities

Integromat offers numerous technical possibilities to streamline your business. You can map complex business processes and format data in real-time.

4. Data Storage

This platform enables you to save and use data and insights from the task results and use it for future tasks and activities.

Integration Options for Easy Projects and Integromat

Since Easy Project integrates with the Integromat, project management has become easier for employees. With both these tools, project management teams can freely control and optimize every task. Furthermore, they can automate numerous platforms in a chain and complete tasks in a single click. Here are some examples:

1. Gmail

Integromat enables employees to connect Gmail accounts with their projects. Thanks to this functionality, they can send and receive emails within a project without leaving the Easy Project platform. For instance, if you receive an email with attachments, the platform will automatically include the files in the project.

2. Google Sheets

You can edit, analyze, and organize the data of the projects using Google sheets. Furthermore, you can collaborate with your team and allow multiple users working on a single project to access the files.

3. Facebook

Integromat enables your marketing teams to automate Facebook ads and scale your campaigns through Easy Project. Moreover, using the dashboard of these project management tools, you can manage the budget and directly drive traffic to your website.


Easy Project is a project management tool that was already a great help until it integrated with Integromat. Integromat enables management teams to integrate hundreds of tools with the project management tools, so they can connect apps and automate business processes. Want to learn more about what applications you can integrate with Easy Project using Integromat, visit this link.

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