Easy Project CRM solution allows you to register your leads and contacts, keep track of all the communication and integrate it with your lead generating solution. From the first contact to the quotation and paid invoice, Easy Project CRM has everything you need.

Lead - Contract Management

With Easy CRM, you can manage all the processes from creation of a lead to an invoice. Leads can be generated from forms, imported or created manually. With advanced filtering options, you can set up sales pipeline and opportunities lists.

Key Features:

  • complex management of CRM cases
  • custom fields
  • lead statuses
  • invoicing integration
  • contacts integration
  • CRM cases create from online forms and stores

Contact Management

Well-organised contact information will save you time, prevent information loss and streamline the communication process. Your personal contacts are always available in the right sidebar and can be synchronized with other devices.

Key features:

  • types of contact – person / company / account 
  • create new types
  • contact grouping
  • personal and public contacts
  • contacts can be linked with tasks, projects, CRM cases, users
  • contact search and a „new contact“ on the sidebar available everywhere
  • synchronization with other devices
  • QR code generation and import/export options (vCard)
  • contact filtering
  • assign contacts to projects

Sales Manager Dashboard

Sales Manager dashboard will help you to remember upcoming meetings, resolve immediate issues and keep track of team performance. Remove the hassle of managing through numerous apps and do everything in Easy Project.

Key Features:

  • Meeting Calendar
  • Team Performance Gauge
  • Details Team Performance Tab
  • Lead Distribution Tab
  • Contacts Tab

Sales Consultant Dashboard

Let Easy Project take care of organizing your contacts and meetings, while you can concentrate on your core responsibility: helping potential clients and making your numbers. 

Key Features: 

  • Meeting Calendar
  • Personal Performance Gauge
  • Leads & Opportunities Tabs
  • Personal Performance Overview Tab
  • Contacts Tab

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