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How Easy Project Can Help Remote Workers Stay Productive

3 minutes
Jakub Ryba

Due to the COVID-19 epidemic, millions of people around the world have started working from their homes. Remote working is not new, but with the pandemic, it has become a necessity instead of an alternative to a physical office.

Although some economics are gradually beginning to spread their wings again, many companies are bound to continue implementing flexible working arrangements for the foreseeable future.

Remote working has saved numerous organizations from certain death. However, the workforce has had to deal with the challenges that come with working from home. The office is designed to be a distraction-free environment that is conducive to productivity. On the other hand, working from home means subjecting yourself to all sorts of interruptions.

Fortunately, the solutions that can help you to keep your focus sharp when working remotely exist. Whether you are working individually or in a team, a program management tool like Easy Project can fit in your work-from-home strategy to enhance productivity.

Read on to uncover how Easy Project can improve your efficiency when working from home.

1. Increased team visibility and alignment

When working remotely, you might notice unique roadblocks that you had never experienced in the office. According to research, 37 percent of remote workers feel they are less visible when working from home. The same proportion of executives agrees that a lack of clear goals is a key factor behind project failure.

If you are part of a team, you can find it challenging to keep everyone on the same page. Nevertheless, teams must embrace tools that help them remain transparent. The strategies you previously used to communicate across your organization will need to shift so that they can align with the new work-from-home situation.

For this endeavor, you need a solution that offers real-time project reporting to uphold visibility and accountability. Easy Project can help you provide your team and stakeholders with more transparency into key deliverables’ status. That way, everyone will be well aware and aligned with the work you are doing.

2. Open communication lines

Today, employees who were used to sitting together at the office are finding it difficult to warm up remote communication. After all, it takes just one misworded message, unsent email, or unclicked virtual meeting request to wreak havoc on productivity.

Dealing with the communication problem requires that you create a powerful team ethos with frequent interactions and adequate social time. You must also put guidelines in place for email, chat, and video use when appropriate.

More importantly, find the tools that work well for your team. Easy Project offers robust solutions for online team collaboration. The instant messaging tool, for instance, will help you stay in touch with your remote team, be it on your computer or smartphone. Meanwhile, the assortment of dashboards enhances communication across different levels of an organization’s management.

Efficient working from home? Easy.

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3. Manage ad-hoc requests

Besides external distractions, remote workers also suffer from a bombardment of emails requesting one new thing or the other. When working from home, managing requests and juggling them with the workload you already have can become significantly complicated. More so, using spreadsheets or sticky notes can be disastrous.

What you need is a comprehensive platform that arranges your workload in one dynamic place. With Easy Project, you can get a quick, adaptable planner for ad-hoc projects. The Easy Project planner will allow you to define critical tasks that you can manage in Easy Gantt.

4. Manage team workloads

If you are managing a team, you have a responsibility to keep members focused and on track when working from home. One of the primary aspects of maintaining team focus is to balance workloads to avoid burnout and retain healthy employees.

Planning tasks based on your team’s capacity and business objectives can help you to manage workloads effectively. Your employees will be clear on what they are working on to plan their time and resources appropriately when working at home. You can also choose to track each team member’s progress to ensure you have divided your tasks fairly and are not overburdening or underutilizing some employees.

Easy Project offers handy Resource Management tools. You can assign work according to real-time employee capacity, estimate the time for task realization, and track progress to ensure you are keeping to schedule.

Give your productivity a jolt with Easy Project

Working at home means accepting that you might not be as efficient as you are in the office. Nevertheless, with the right tools, you can make the best use of your time. Easy Project is your one-stop-shop for every solution you need to remain productive on your couch or home office.

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