The project control and reporting process should run throughout the project. Effectively setting up a project control process will enable you to keep an eye on cost and schedule as things shift and evolve throughout the project. It’s the key to navigating your project through rough waters—and it will save your project from going off the rails.

Reporting tools - graphs & charts

Visualize available statistics using pie, bar, and line graphs. Create charts from any list of entries, and in just a couple clicks, prepare a report on your project’s performance and demonstrate what needs to be improved.

Key features: 
  • Customizable graphs and charts for all the listings
  • Pie, bar and line charts and gauge diagrams with legends 
  • Available on all personalized pages
  • User-friendly settings
  • A broad variety of supported formats

Risk Management

Risk Management is a mandatory process for each correctly managed project. This tool allows to set the risk matrix through your organization, manage risks on projects and provide global risk reporting and overview for management. The global module is suitable for the roles of Line Manager, Risk Manager or Project Management Officer (PMO), while the project module is optimal for Project Manager, allowing him to manage project risks in a controlled manner per each particular project under his supervision.

Key features

  • Qualitative and quantitative risk analysis
  • Easy risk reporting and overview for management
  • Global and project levels, templates and permissions of risk management
  • Customizable risk attributes (Category, Status, Probability, Impact, Severity, Response)
  • Two types of page modules - Risk from filter and Risk matrix
  • Project and global Risk Register
  • Several types of configurable page modules - Risk matrix, list of Risks, Risks in charts (line chart, bar chart, pie chart), trend indicators

Earned Value Management

Define the scope and analyze project’s overall performance with Earned Value Management (EVM), a research-proven methodology for determining project success.

Key features:

  • Enable this plugin for all or selected projects only
  • Compare project scope (earned value) with schedule (time) and budget resources (costs) in real time
  • Set the project target ("Planned value") by creating a project baseline
  • Measure work progress as “earned value” – a standard performance measure
  • Various metrics give you accurate cost and schedule values

Easy Project Earned Value Management Plugin

Alerts - Early Warning System

You set about what and when you want to be notified, and you will receive an e-mail notification at the right time. For example: a milestone deadline is approaching, a project/task budget is exceeded, tasks are past due.

Key features: 
  • Sends e-mail alerts to one or more users (as per setting)
  • 3 alert categories
  • Set conditions for notifications on tasks, projects, milestones
  • Set the time when conditions are to be evaluated and notifications sent

Burndown Chart for smooth sprint commitment

Perform in-depth analysis of progress patterns for timely sprint completion with Burndown Chart. Compare ideal versus real work remaining, identify a working pattern and make sure that sprint commitment is met without a hitch.


Key features:

  • Chart displaying ideal versus real work remaining
  • One of the most common sprint tracking mechanisms used by Agile practitioners
  • Bars displaying number of the remaining and completed tasks
  • Predicts when all of the work will be completed
  • 4 indicators: Ideal work remaining, Real work remaining, Tasks remaining, Tasks completed

Project Dashboard

In order to keep your business on the right track, project managers and teams need any help they can get. One of the proven ways of tracking and measuring ongoing progress is by using a project dashboard, which makes it simple to visualize real-time data and customize the page to the needs of the team and projects.

Key features:
  • Provides tools you can use to monitor the progress of a project
  • Presents continuous performance data at a glance
  • Visualizes real-time data for greater convenience
  • Users can click on items to get more details
  • May serve as your central workspace for project management
  • Customize the information featured on the dashboard

Milestone Dashboard

Track open/closed milestones by projects just like estimated and spent time for individual milestones. This dashboard helps project and portfolio managers see if progress on projects is compliant with an original project plan/schedule.

Key features:

  • Get a perfect overview of project milestones
  • Control if projects are on time with their milestones
  • See the total estimated time and spent time per project milestones
  • May serve as your central workspace for milestone management
  • Customize the information featured on the dashboard

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