Cost definition is a crucial part of project conceptualization, and it can be easily performed with Project Budgets. Thanks to integration with CRM and timesheets, you can create quots, invoices, and payroll sheets and send them to your client in PDF format.

Project Budgets

Cost planning is a key to successful project management. Easy Project allows you to create project budgets and compare them to real spending. You can monitor revenues, costs payroll costs and overall project profitability.

Key features:

  • Project budget plan versus current budget
  • Monitoring of revenues, costs, payroll costs and profit, travel costs and travel costs reimbursements
  • Payroll costs derived from time spent multiplied by hourly rates
  • Definition of hourly rates by roles, activities, and members of the project team
  • Financial statements over the whole project portfolio

Cash Flows

Easy Project will keep track of your project cash flows — a crucial indicator for accountants, stakeholders, and employees. Cash flow normally concentrates on cash-generating activities, which can then be easily compared to the ones planned.

Key features:

  • Cash flow overview of project portfolio
  • Comparison of planned cash flow with actual cash flow
  • Daily, monthly, quarterly and yearly views
  • Export to XLSX

Payroll and invoicing based on timesheets

By combining information from timesheets and internal/external rates, you can create invoicing and payroll sheets within Easy Project, which can then be sent directly to the client thanks to integration with CRM and Contacts.

Key features:
  • Timesheets multiplied by internal and external hourly rates
  • Payroll sheets by users
  • Invoicing sheets by projects
  • Complex filtering and settings
  • Integration with CRM and Contacts - complete invoicing solution

Project Price Calculator and Quotation

Streamline the process of preparing a quote with Easy Project. Calculate project price based on the number of hours needed to complete it, plus any other user-defined items. Quotes can be easily styled and exported into PDFs.

Key features:

  • Project time estimation and price calculation from project tasks 
  • User defined calculation items such as material, licenses, etc.
  • Discounts per calculated item and a total discount
  • Export of calculation to PDF with a logo and colors in a form of a quotation
  • Transfer of the project price from calculation to project budget

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