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Easy Project 2017 - Visual & Effective Project Management

Easy Project is a web-based collaborative project management software. It is used by companies from around the world to handle projects, tasks, schedules, resource utilization, budgets, attendance monitoring, support management and much more. Our goal is to make project management simple to grasp so that the main efforts of our customers can be focused on their core business activities.


WBS - for efficient project definition

Use WBS to easily define project scope, keep track of project progress and assign statuses, assignees and priorities to tasks.

Gantt Chart - for project planning

Easily plan out your project in Gantt Chart. Drag and drop tasks to schedule them, create relationships between tasks and easily restructure and create new milestones and tasks.

Portfolio Gantt

Apply Portfolio Gantt to get an overview of schedule across all the projects and adjust the plan using simple drag & drop.

Earned Value Management

Apply EVM to your projects and have a continuous overview of project delivery.

Reporting tools - Graphs & Charts

Easy Project allows you to create a performance report in just a few clicks. Create bar & pie chart, line graphs and gauge diagrams on any entity and visualize performance on a personal homepage.

Time Tracking

Key feature for tracking your time and being more efficient. Time tracking is also an important part of the calculation of wage expenses and payrolls.

Task Tracking

Both manager and workers can easily track tasks within Easy Project. A manager is able to follow tasks through WBS and smart filtering options and buttons, while a worker has access to special Kanban for task tracking and update. Task trackers and statuses are easily customizable to suit the needs of any organization.

Kanban Board

Easy Project is suitable for various management techniques, including agile management with Kanban. Kanban board makes overview and update of tasks easy. In addition to that, it can be set on project, team and personal level.

Scrum board

Manage user stories and sprints with Easy Project. Easily update sprint using drag & drop during your stand up meeting and create personal scrum boards for scrum master and other workers. All of this is possible with Easy Project!

Meeting Calendar

A crucial tool for any project manager. With Easy Project you can easily view the availability of your colleagues and conference rooms. You can create meetings in a few clicks and send invitations to other users.

Custom Fields

Make Easy Project fit the needs of your department. Create custom fields to add necessary details to various types of entities in Easy Project. In this video we show you how to use List and Computed custom fields.

Quick Project Planning

Create your project in just a few clicks by simply defining the basic features of every task.


Filtering your tasks by their milestones is a crucial tool for product development and version releases. Roadmap allows you to view tasks per each milestone and track progress of each milestone.

Project Documents

Storing, organizing and versioning of documents related to your projects.


Checklists are especially useful for projects with numerous easy tasks that do not require extensive description. Simply create a checklist to granulate a bigger task and cross our items on the list as you have them done.


Workflow is a tool that makes Easy Project suitable for any company type and size. Set user roles and permissions to organized company workflow.

Project templates

Create templates in a few clicks from the existing project, easily import and export templates, and apply Easy Project Templates based on best management practices.

Baselines for Projects

Easily compare your original plan to the current schedule using EP Baselines. You can have numerous baselines, which can be visualized in Gantt Chart. Baselines are also an important part of EVM module.

Resource Management Statistics & Reports

Evaluate utilization of your resources and balance workload using Resource Management statistics. Easily customize it to fit your needs and assess key utilization indicators.

Resource Management Master Plan

Learn about Easy Project key extension - Resource Management. Increase resource utilization, easily balance workers' workload and re-assign tasks and re-allocation unworked hours.

Project Budgets

Plan your project budgets and compare them to the real revenues and expenses using Easy Project Budgets. Budgets include wage expenses that are calculated based on tracked time and set hourly rates.

Action Buttons

The ultimate tool for quick task sorting and assignment. This feature allows managers to quickly assign tasks from the pool. Action buttons are set to update tasks according to the pre-set configuration. Action buttons are highly customizable and easy to create.

Cash Flows

Use Cash Flows in your Gantt Chart or a simple report version to get an overview of cash flowing in out of your company across all projects.

Payroll & Invoicing sheets

Take a fool advantage of Easy Project time tracking feature with payroll & invoicing sheets that can be easily created and customised using options and filters.

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