Take your first steps towards easier project management. Learn about basic Easy Project features and how to apply them in our Training Center!

Task Tracking

A task is the basic Easy Project entity. Learn how to create, update, and track them in this short Easy Project video tutorial.

Time Tracking

Learn how your employees can easily track the time they spend on a project and how managers can review it. 

Agile Board

Easy Project offers you an Agile management solution with Kanban, Scrum, Swimlanes, Backlogs, and Burndown Charts, watch this video and find out more.

Resource Master Plan

Once you learn how to assign work with the Resource Master Plan, you will see that the planning process will become less tedious, more efficient and ensure timely project delivery.

Work Breakdown Structure

Get your first steps to project management under control with our WBS Tool. Easily decompose your project into manageable tasks/sub-tasks and get a complete overview of your project using a variety of filters. 

Project Resource Management

Tasks can be easily planned with our Resource Management tool and assigned to users and their workload.

Portfolio Gantt

Portfolio Gantt allows you to get a complete overview of all your projects and easily plan them out using the drag & drop function.

Gantt Chart

With a Gantt Chart, you can easily set beginning and end dates, adjust timing, and set relationships, milestones and baselines. Find out more in this short tutorial.

Reporting Tools

 Easy reporting tools like pie and bar charts are always there to help with your performance report. Simply choose a list, set the variables and it's done.

New Projects & Templates

Create new projects and projects from templates in a few clicks with Easy Project. Learn how to assign users and modules to your projects and easily customize your project settings. 

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