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Easy Project - Gantt Chart
Gantt chart for easy project planning

Tired of overdue tasks and clumsy Excel spreadsheets? Try a Gantt chart, it will visualize your projects and make planning easier so the process runs faster, is more synchronized, and stays easily communicable.

Easy Project - Portfolio Gantt
Global Gantt

A must-have for every portfolio manager — Global Gantt, enables accurately planned projects and eagle-view management. It allows you to instantly see current vs. planned performance, as well as resource and cash flows that are spent on each project.

WBS - work breakdown structure

Eliminate undefined tasks and delays by using WBS. Clearly parse out projects and define all the deliverables. Quick personal planning and collaborative development of a project’s scope are easy with WBS.

Easy Project - Agile Board for Scrum
Agile Board for Scrum

Manage user stories and sprints with Easy Project. Easily update sprint using drag & drop during your stand up meeting and create personal scrum boards for scrum master and other workers. All of this is possible with Easy Project!

Easy Project - Kanban - personal & team boards
Kanban - personal & team boards

Easy Project is suitable for various management techniques, including agile management with Kanban. Kanban board makes overview and update of tasks easy. In addition to that, it can be set on project, team and personal level.

Easy Project - Resource Management Master Plan
Resource Management Master Plan

Efficient utilization of resources across all projects and an instant overview of under-resourced projects are easy with the Resource Master Plan. Tasks can be assigned according to employee expertise while keeping each person’s workload balanced.

Easy Project - Resource Dashboard
Resource Dashboard

The Resource Dashboard shows you the most/least loaded users, task types with the most hours allocated, and diagrams with visualized workers' time utilization. You also get an overview of the total hours allocated and control over any discrepancies in allocation.

Easy Project - Project Budgets
Project budgets for expense planning

Cost planning is a key to successful project management. Easy Project allows you to create project budgets and compare them to real spending. You can monitor revenues, costs, payroll costs and overall project profitability.

Easy Project - Payroll & Invoicing sheets
Payroll & invoicing sheets based on timesheets

By combining information from timesheets and internal/external rates, you can create invoicing and payroll sheets within Easy Project, which can then be sent directly to the client thanks to integration with CRM and Contacts.

Easy Project- Time Tracking
Time tracking and reporting for efficiency and planning

Time tracking and reporting is the key to efficient time management and planning. It allows employees to efficiently utilize and report their time, and managers can monitor spent time and use it as a reference for future project planning.

Easy Project - Task Tracking
Task tracking for up-to-date projects

Both manager and workers can easily track tasks within Easy Project. A manager is able to follow tasks through WBS and smart filtering options and buttons, while a worker has access to special Kanban for task tracking and update. Task trackers and statuses are easily customizable to suit the needs of any organization.

Easy Project - Workflow

Workflows allow you to define, execute, and automate business processes, eliminating chaos and coordinating tasks between employees. Easy Project allows you to set task permissions and workflows based on user types.

Easy Project - Custom Fields
Custom fields

Make Easy Project your own by creating computed fields customized to your personal needs. They can be created on a variety of entities and can appear depending on trackers and attributes. 

Easy Project - Checklists

Checklists are especially useful for projects with numerous easy tasks that do not require extensive description. Simply create a checklist to granulate a bigger task and cross our items on the list as you have them done.

Easy Project - Action Buttons
Action buttons

The ultimate tool for quick task sorting and assignment. This feature allows managers to quickly assign tasks from the pool. Action buttons are set to update tasks according to the pre-set configuration. Action buttons are highly customizable and easy to create.

Easy Project - Portfolio statement
Portfolio statement

Create portfolio statements and reports in a few clicks. You can easily create a portfolio budget or spreadsheets on spent time, resources, etc. Then, using integrated charts and graphs, you can transform them into a full report ready for presentation. 

Easy Project - Templates
Project templates

Create project templates from existing projects or from scratch to save time and improve project structure over time. Easy Project also offers you a list of project templates for typical company processes.

Easy Project - Project Documents
Project Documents

Documents can be attached to tasks and projects and then easily searched, versioned, and edited online. Under the Documents module, you can find a complete overview of all the attachments from a specific project and tasks related to each of them.

Easy Project - Roadmap
Project roadmap

Get an instant overview of your project goals in the form of milestones and all the tasks that need to be completed. With Project Roadmap, you get an instant overview of the whole project plan.

Easy Project - Baselines

Assess project performance by comparing it to the original plan. Baselines provide snapshots of the project plan at different moments, allowing you to easily compare the plan to current performance within your Gantt chart. 

Easy Project - Quick Project Planning
Quick Project Planner

Quickly plan complete projects by entering the basic task details: name, duration, and due date. Available through the sidebar of your project page, the planner will allow you to take note of tasks during both the brainstorming and preliminary project definition stages.

Easy Project - Graphs & Charts
Reporting tools - graphs & charts

Visualize available statistics using pie, bar, and line graphs. Create charts from any list of entries, and in just a couple clicks, prepare a report on your project’s performance and demonstrate what needs to be improved.

Easy Project - Earned Value Management
Earned Value Management

Define the scope and analyze project’s overall performance with Earned Value Management (EVM), a research-proven methodology for determining project success.

Easy Project - Organization structure
Organizational structure

Organizational structure is a form of a tree hierarchy where every user in the organization, except the top one, is subordinate to a single another user. This arrangement helps define how activities such as task allocation, coordination, and supervision are standardly directed toward the achievement of organizational aims. It also determines who is eligible to approve vacation requests submitted by users.

Easy Project - Visual & Effective Project Management
Easy Project - Visual & Effective Project Management

Easy Project is a web based collaborative project management software. It is used by companies from around the world to handle projects, tasks, schedules, resource utilization, budgets, attendance monitoring, support management and much more.

Easy Project
Easy Project - Easy & Visual & Professional Project Management

Easy, visual, effective - these are the key characteristics of Easy Project. Explore professional integration of key management tools - WBS, Gantt, Kanban, Agile, Resource Management, Workflow & Reporting tools. Discover new ways of full control and maximum efficiency.

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