How Easy Project Can Help Your Software Development Team

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Jakub Ryba

Every software development team needs an organization and a systematic approach to a project to function optimally. Therefore, project-managing tools like Easy Project can make a massive difference in the quality of work.

Easy Project offers a project team with unlimited amounts of features and tools that have a positive impact on the efficiency of the project.

Since software development requires developers to make amends on limited delivery time and fast-paced working, Easy Project can become an essential platform for their work. A project manager’s primary tasks involve tracking issues and planning projects for the team in the best way possible. Easy Project is an ideal platform that encourages smoother workflow amongst a software development team.

Even though Easy Project is perfectly suited to benefit software development teams, it is also great for non-software developers because of its open-source nature and the variety of features and options. It would be fair to say that Easy Project is a complete tool that will help project managers of any field.

Take Advantage of the Agile Feature

Easy Project offers an amazing Agile feature that presents software developers with a project and task layout that increases delivery speed. By using the Agile method towards software development, a team can produce satisfactory results for the clients. Agile helps software teams accomplish their essential aim that is, meeting the requirements of the client within the delivery time. Compared to the waterfall, Agile uses an interface that has a better communication option and user-friendly outlook.

With Agile, users can divide the project into smaller sections. This makes a massive difference in the team’s performance. When the project breaks down into smaller tasks, the team of developers can execute it with more accuracy and speed. The agile board displays each task on the agile board. It is completely customizable by the users. The Agile feature makes project execution adjustable and transparent for the team of software developers.

Furthermore, the task board makes tasks incredibly accessible and assigns them perfectly to every member of the team. Therefore, each individual can view the tasks, see who has the responsibility to execute them, and till when they have to complete them. Agile also allows immediate customization so any discrepancies in the tasks are immediately adjustable.

The task board also allows the users to enable a sprint planner. This way the development team can make sprint divisions or versions. Moreover, the Agile task board helps users track the progress of given tasks, add updates and comments to them and also track the time of a specific project.

Use the Help Desk Feature for Better Customer Support

The Help Desk feature is crucial for a good customer support response to a software development team. After the teams of developers complete their project, there is a chance that they will get plenty of bugs and fixes with the project. In addition to that, they can also get queries related to the project.

The Help Desk feature of Easy Project prevents the queries to start piling up for the software development team. Furthermore, it enables prompt and accurate responses to clients. It has incredible features that improve the software company’s customer service. The Help Desk feature provides you with an alternative to e-mails for requests and fixes. It keeps all the important client messages in a single place.

Another feature of the Help Desk includes the automation of the team’s performance, which provides you with a better understanding of how well the team is performing. This can help a software team figure out its weaknesses and work together to capitalize on them.

The e-mail-sorting feature of the Help Desk feature will allow the developers to reply to client queries much faster and safer. The Help Desk allows you to assign messages to specific members of the development team. This ensures that the client’s message reaches the appropriate person. Furthermore, it also provides users with canned responses. This helps the developers respond to frequent questions more quickly.

Overall, Easy Project offers incredible features and tools that will improve the customer service performance of the company. Customer support is an ideal aspect that can boost the reputation of any particular company.

The Benefits of an Open-Source Platform

A software developer can enjoy more freedom in an open-source platform such as Easy Project. An open code means that a developer can adjust the code of the software according to their preferences. Easy Project provides a user-friendly and open environment for the team of developers. Furthermore, it also makes for a more safe and secure user interface.

Considering how the developers can modify the coding of Easy Project, this makes a big impact on the tool’s security. Developers can easily identify and fix bugs instantly after discovering them. Ultimately, this will decrease the chances of threats to operations and encourage smooth workflow without any interruptions.

It Does Not Bound the Software Development Team

The open code of the Easy Project software means that the developer team does not have to wait for any updates or bug fixes. Easy Project provides software developers with the freedom to make any alterations. To add to that, software developers also take advantage of the easy installation process of Easy Project.

It also rids the developer team from any limitations because of the number of features and extensions it has. Furthermore, with Easy Project, the developers do not have to face any unnecessary updates and fixes. The simple and easy layout of Easy Project provides software developers with an adequate and appropriate platform.

To Conclude

Developers have one of the toughest jobs in the world. They have to deliver complex projects that meet the needs of the client. It requires plenty of hard work, knowledge, and persistence from their side. Not to mention, the increasing pressures of meeting deadlines that developers go through daily. Having a tool like Easy Project offers the developers some relief and helps make their collaborative efforts flourish in front of clients. It has plenty of features that make the jobs of developers significantly easier.

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