Essentials include all classic project management tools as Work management, Agile management, Time tracking, Portfolio management, Project controlling & reporting.

Персональные Панели

Team Leader Dashboard

Predefined personal dashboard suitable for Team leader role is designed to provide at-a-glance awareness of current performance relevant to the whole team.

Key features:

  • Team resource management

  • Team time reports

  • Vacation approvals

  • Wages and billing report

  • Team kanban

Portfolio Manager Dashboard

You can keep all your projects organised and accessible through Portfolio Tree with Portfolio Manager's dashboard. Activity feed and critical issues list will help you to address urgent issues, and, using additional tabs, you can manage worker's workload, current sprints and budgets. Use Graphs & Charts to visualize any listing for overall performance.

Key Features:

  • Portfolio Tree
  • Graphs & Charts for projects performance and KPIs
  • Issues requiring manager's attention
  • Activity feed
  • Meeting Calendar
  • Resource Management
  • Agile board for current sprints
  • Budgets

Панель приборов мастера SCRUM

Все живые операции находятся на кончиках пальцев мастера SCRUM. Текущий статус спринта, общий прогресс завершения спринта, скорость на день, неделю или месяц, закрытые сюжетные точки во времени, привлекательные графики и другие настраиваемые модули и опции.

Ключевая особенность:

  • работа в спринте с одного экрана

  • простое добавление и удаление модулей

  • графические отчеты о производительности с течением времени

  • отслеживание точек

CEO Dashboard

As a CEO it is important to get a quick and complete overview of the company performance at one glance, without the need of going through endless lists of data. Easy Project allows you to transform any data into a chart to compare planned performance to actual with Gauge diagram and to quickly access additional modules like Meetings Calendar and HR dashboard.

Key features:

  • Performance graphs and charts for invoices
  • Overview of profits for various periods
  • Meetings calendar
  • HR dashboard

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