All about Easy Project Global Cloud

With Easy Cloud we guarantee fast service and secure storage of your data. 

Data centers

Data centers around the globe ensure fast performance and a high level of security.

OVH hosting in Europe & Canada

SOC2 Easy Cloud iso27001 Easy Cloud

Amazon AWS in Asia & South America

SOC3 Easy Cloud iso27001 Easy Cloud


 Data centers all around the world

Easy Cloud


Data protection

  • Data stored on servers in plain format, with the possibility of local encryption of data 
  • Data stored exclusively on the server with strict limited access
  • Non-disclosure agreement and complete data wipe down by server administrators

Recovery plan

In case of any issues, Easy Cloud has a range of recovery plans that, are continuously tested and updated. Recovery plans cover the following issues:

  • Server machine malfunction
  • Application crash
  • Data center malfunction
  • Login credentials leak


Backups stored in various geographical locations to ensure their safety in case of any natural disaster or any other server problem.

Backups created every day and stored for at least three months.

  • Encrypted backup transmission
  • Data stored in different locations
  • Backup creation process and backed up data are not accessible through server for security reasons

All about Easy Project Server

The server solution is designed for your own server (you host the software). By purchasing this solution you obtain installable software + the source code. The server solution includes three months of free updates. Updates are available for download in the client zone, to which you obtain access after the purchase. Further updates are paid.


Virtualization – VMware, VirtualBox 

120x120xVMware Workstation.png 120x120xVirtualbox logo.png


The easiest way to deploy Easy Project is in our provided virtual machines preconfigured for optimal performance. VMware and VirtualBox compatible machines are provided without extra charge. For a minor fee, we can also provide a Hyper-V machine.


Easy server requirements check

Our applications are dependent on all sorts of systems, which is quite normal – we are living in an era of integrated technology. To keep the dependencies in order, we have devised a very simple tool that checks the important components on the server. The admin just runs a simple command, which results in a neat table listing the components and their status. Such information is valuable not only for the admin, but eventually also for our support staff that can provide better instructions for a fix if the customer turns to us.


Manual and guidelines

Server environment is a diverse jungle of ridiculous proportions. To keep all parts in a perfect sync requires tons of experience and continually refreshing your knowledge about new technologies. For the most crucial configurations and components related to our applications, we have published instruction manuals and guidelines that assist admins in regular server maintenance.

These include – installation manuals, ruby updating, server configurations, useful commands or common server errors, and more.


Limitations of server solution


Support flexibility

While we always try our very best to provide customers as much useful information and tools for smooth running of their self-hosted application, we cannot directly control their environment. That means we have no ability to perform fixes directly on the server, or we cannot look for the cause of various errors occurring on the server which leaves us only guessing when providing support.

Remote server support performed by our administrators is available as a paid service. Furthermore, the resolution time is always longer when compared to cloud solution – simply due to arrangements needed before access to client server can be provided. Which leads to next point:

Access restrictions and issues

In most instances when a customer asks for server support, they cannot provide direct access to the server, but rather a remote-controlling session via apps such as TeamViewer. It is better than having no access, but our experience show a significant decrease in flexibility and resolution time when using remote-controlling tools in comparison to direct (SSH) access – connection issues with the hosting computer, lagging, and loss of control when the customer uses the computer. It all adds up to 50% slower resolution time than with SSH access.


Demand for server admins is larger than supply that is a cold hard fact. Server support is no exception. For this simple reason, server support must be scheduled in advance, so that there is a sufficient time frame for complete resolution of the issue.

This is especially true if the only access option is via remote-controlling where the customer’s admin must be present. If the customer provided us SSH access, this problem is a bit smaller – our admin starts the repair immediately when available and doesn’t need to meet up with the customer’s admin.

Bug report verification

It not far-fetched to say that every server environment is different. With so many configuration options, you would think it is impossible to have two identical servers. This is often the reason why we cannot simulate an in-house a specific behavior described by the customer which acts as a bug.

If a service required to run our application is configured differently as our recommendation, it is not necessarily wrong, but may cause issues in the application that are hard to trace back to that configuration.

What are the best PM practices that lie in the core of Easy Project?

The "Iron Triangle" of project management lies in the core of Easy Project. Project Scope is managed through WBS, Schedules are done in Gantt and Resources are managed through the Resource Master Plan. Project Performance can be assessed in Earned Value S-curves, Risk in RBS and daily work in Kanban boards. Easy Project has modules for a Help Desk, Finances, and CRM. DevOps and Business Intelligence are coming soon.

What can be managed using Easy Project?

Single projects, project portfolios, programs, agile teams, strategic projects, product development, innovation, small or big teams, a whole company, DevOps, IT projects, relationships with clients, project finances, and more.

Who is Easy Project designed for?

Easy Project is designed for project managers, portfolio managers, c-level managers, business owners and freelancers to easily manage projects & teams, using the best PM practices with support from PM professionals and the community and with on-going project management education.

What are the hardware and software requirements for the server solution?

The following are the minimum requirement for smooth operation of Easy Project with 25 concurrent users.


Processor: Intel Xeon E5440 @ 2.83GHz
Memory: 4 GB
Disc space: 20 GB (3 GB for database files + enough GB for shared documents, individual)
Network card required

Software (server)

Easy Project works on UNIX and Linux platforms - officially supported distribution is Debian. Detailed information about operating systems is described below.

Easy Project does NOT run on Microsoft SQL Server.
It is also possible to provide a complete virtual machine - VMWare, so you don't need to worry about this configuration at all.

More detailed information is in installation instructions.

Software (client)

Other browsers were not tested extensively, but they are likely to work just as well as the above-mentioned ones. For stability and security reasons, always keep your browser up to date.

Internet connection

The connection from the user to the server where Easy Project is located must be at least 10 Mbit. You need to take into account the whole route from the user to the server, so with geographically distant locations, the response of the server may take a longer time, regardless of the user's declared internet connection from their provider. The bandwidth of the server is also a factor, of course.

Operating systems

Debian Officially supported
but not actively supported
Other Linux distributions Not tested, may have very specific requirements - not supported
Windows Server Not supported
OS X Not supported

In case you are using one of the unsupported systems, we have a feasible, guaranteed and supported solution for you - virtual machine (VM) with preinstalled Easy Project on Debian server in OVA format. This way you can run the application on any kind of OS, like hundreds of companies already do. To get a VM, please contact your account manager or our This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Debian is the only supported OS to host Easy Project directly (without virtualisation). Installation instructions are available in the installation package in /doc/INSTALL.

CentOS and Ubuntu are suitable systems to host Easy Project (being widely used distributions of Linux). However, some of their specifications may lead to various issues. In such cases Easy Software provides best-effort support without any guarantees.

Other Linux distributions such as Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL), OpenSUSE, SELinux, Mint, and many others are likely to have unforeseeable and undocumentable complications with installation and maintenance of Easy Project. Support is best-effort and without and any guarantees. Which is why, in this case, we will happily provide you a VM.

Running Easy Project on Windows Server or OS X is done strictly via VM (.ova format, with Debian). These systems require operations that are automatic in Linux systems, to be carried out manually with a great chance of human or technical failures.


We know of companies that stably run Easy Project on Docker. However, they do so without any technical support from our side and are fully liable for any issues that may occur. Technical capacities of Easy Software are fully dedicated to functional stability and quality of our application, which means we forgo support of some third party technologies, such as Docker.

How do I import data to Easy Project?

Data can be imported in XML and CSV formats with Easy Project Importer (part of Easy Project).

Also, Easy Project can be easily integrated with other systems thanks to REST API.

Learn more about the integration of Easy Project on this page.

Is implementation service available?

Yes, professional business implementation is available for Professional, Team, Business and Enterprise plans. It is conducted by certified and experienced project managers. Meet our implementation team here. They are ready to help you.

Do you have a manual for Easy Project?

All Easy Project manuals and training tutorials can be found in Training center.

What do "server" and "cloud" mean?

Server solution

The server solution is designed for your own server (you host the software). By purchasing this solution you obtain installable software + the source code.

The server solution includes three months of free updates. Updates are available for download in the client zone, to which you obtain access after the purchase. Further updates are paid.

Cloud solution

Cloud solution is hosted on servers of Easy Software Ltd. in various locations. US clients are hosted on Amazon Cloud in Oregon. By purchasing this solution, you obtain the right to use the software in the cloud for a defined period of time. Easy Project in Cloud includes:

  • Easy Project + selected modules & plugins
  • Service includes software updates your Easy Project is always up to date
  • Daily backups, storing 14 backups
  • SSL protection
  • 1 hour recovery guarantee in case of failure

Why should I choose Easy Project instead of other project management tools?

Below you can see a comparison of the basic features of Easy Project and other popular project management solutions. 

 Jira Logo
MS Project Logo
MS Project
Asana Logo
Easy Project Logo
Easy Project
Project Gantt
Portfolio Gantt
Earned Value Management
Resource Management
Team Cooperation

How is the Easy Project Free plan limited?

The Easy Project Free plan and is limited to:

  • 1 User
  • 5 Projects
  • 2GB of storage

What plans does Easy Project offer?

Both cloud and server versions of Easy Project are offered in 3 subscription plans:

  • Essentials - includes all classic project management tools as Work management, Agile management, Time tracking, Portfolio management, Project controlling & reporting
  • Business - includes all Essential PM tools plus Resource Management and Finances
  • Platform - includes all Essential and Business PM tools plus CRM and Help Desk

Each subscription plan has a different feature set and different price per user/month.

How to integrate Easy Project with Zapier?

Easy Project is Zapier public app so you are able to set-up integrations by yourself. Just sign up the account on Zapier and create your own Zaps or use our Zap templates. Our team is also here to help you implement integrations as you need. Find more about Zapier integration in this article

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